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Allan Felix

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About Him

Grew Up… in a home without romance. Although his mother and father never divorced, Allan often begged them to. Perhaps a result of their tumultuous relationship, Allan has struggled in his own romantic relationships.

Living… single in San Francisco, and not loving it. Thankfully, he has two great friends in Linda and Dick, who are always there for him. The couple tries to cheer up Allan by setting him up on a series of blind dates, but Allan is clumsy and frequently messes up his chances with these potential girlfriends.

Profession… writer for a film magazine. It's a good occupation for the avid cinephile, who loves films so much that he often hallucinates himself talking to the ghost of his hero, Humphrey Bogart. Whereas Allan is timid and meek, Humphrey is brazen and aggressive in his pursuit of women, and Allan is eager to receive his idol's advice on love.

Interests… film, art, and love. He’s incredibly nervous around women, and even Humphrey's time-tested advice doesn't seem to help him in finding that special someone.

Relationship Status… recently divorced, and still recovering from the shock. Nancy's departure has shaken Allan to the very core of his masculinity, making him wonder, "if she actually had an orgasm in the two years we were married, or did she fake it that night?" Linda, however, tells him not to worry and just be himself. Easy for say, of course, but Allan does find it easier to relax around Linda, who seems to be the only woman in his life who understands him. But since she’s his best friend's wife, Allan knows that Linda is also strictly off-limits.

Challenge… overcoming his crippling anxiety around women before it's too late. At twenty-nine, Allan isn’t old, but he fears his chances of love are already dwindling. If he doesn't act now, he might just end up alone – forever.

Personality… romantic, but neurotic and nervous. Allan tries hard to emulate his romantic hero, but he simply doesn't have the pizzazz of a leading man like Bogart. Still, he has a certain dreamy charm, even if he doesn't quite have the confidence to let it shine.

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