Alison Scott
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Alison Scott

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Living… in the pool house belonging to her sister Debbie and brother-in-law Pete. Allison serves as something of an auxiliary parent to their two daughters when Debbie and Pete are busy.

Profession… working at E!, the cable channel. She worked on-set at Ryan Seacrest’s show before the higher-ups promoted her to on-screen (the higher-ups can’t legally tell her to lose weight, but they stipulate that she get her figure “tighter”), where she interviews the likes of Matthew Fox and James Franco.

Interests… watching Meg Ryan movies.

Relationship Status… dating Ben Stone, 23-year old employee of an unpromising celebrity porn website called Flesh of the Stars. After a drunken night of celebrating her new promotion, Allison ended up in bed with Ben. Now she’s pregnant, and the two have decided to try and make it work.

Challenge… everything about being pregnant: the morning sickness, the raging hormones, trying to hide her baby bump from her bosses, and Ben’s wavering commitment. Part of her problem with Ben stems from the fact that they are polar opposite personalities; she is very much Type A, where he is a laid-back jokester who would prefer to make good use of his bong than read his required baby books.

Personality… a straight-shooter. She works hard and plays hard, letting off steam by going out to clubs with her sister Debbie. Her relationship with Ben (and also her pregnancy) makes her seem more uptight by comparison. If you were in her situation, though, you’d probably be a bit uptight too.

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