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Alice Tate


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Living… in a Manhattan penthouse amongst a whole staff of cooks, cleaners and the nannies who raise her children for her. In short, Alice lives in a bubble, and generally entertains herself with manicures while her husband is away at the office.

Profession… housewife. Alice nurses a few fancy dreams: she has an idea for a novel, and she’s even considered becoming a nun. But mostly, she does very little – and has a lot of time for her anxiety to whirl away in her not-occupied-enough brain.

Interests… lunches, pedicures, spa treatments and – how could she forget! – her children. Alice’s life is filled with little other than life’s pleasures, which has curiously been leaving her feeling a bit empty as of late.

Relationship Status… married to a stockbroker named Doug. The Tates have a fine marriage, so long as they stay on their separate sides of the bed. Alice knows that something’s missing from her marriage when she meets an attractive musician named Joe. As she puts it, “I’ve done things I didn’t know I had in me.”

Challenge… curing her heartache and assuaging her anxiety. Alice is a wealthy housewife with too much time to think. In order to cure her mysterious ailments, she’s taken to seeing a charismatic (and powerful) Chinese healer named Dr. Yang.

Personality… timid, quiet, and repressed. Alice, despite her age, hasn’t quite found herself yet. She’s always been comfortable, but deep down she feels an emptiness that she can’t quite place.

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