Alice Pieszecki
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Alice Pieszecki

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About Her

Grew up… estranged from most of her family. Her siblings and father disapprove of Alice’s open bisexuality, and the only one she really talks to anymore is her mother Lenore.

Living… in the Greater Los Angeles area near West Hollywood. Alice likes to spend most of her time with her friends in West Hollywood, going out to parties and chatting in coffee shops.

Profession… journalist for LA Magazine. Her tendency as a journalist to invade others’ privacy sometimes gets her into trouble, though.

Interests… fashion, music, and gossip. Alice likes to drive her blue Mini Cooper around town, wear fashionable clothes, and get the latest details about what’s happening around town.

Relationship Status… complicated. Alice has seen her fair share of relationships with men and women, from dating her friend Bette for a few weeks to her relationship with her abusive ex, Gabby Deveaux. She’s been having a bit of trouble with her relationships lately, and really doesn’t want to hook-up with her friends and ruin her friendship with them, but she’s starting to find herself falling for her friend Dana.

Challenge… figuring out who is sleeping with whom.  Alice is obsessive about recording all of the relationships and one-night stands that people she knows have had on what she calls “The Chart”. Everyone is linked to each other somehow, and Alice wants to prove that everyone is sleeping with each other.

Personality… loyal and passionate but insecure. Alice is very feminine and usually cheerful and excited. Although she’s a little impulsive and sometimes lets her emotions get the best of her, she’s very faithful to her friends and loves to have fun with them. She tends to be talkative, open about her feelings, and is very proud of her bisexuality.

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