Alice Nelson
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Alice Nelson

The Brady Bunch

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About Her

Living… in Los Angeles with her employers, Mike and Carol Brady. Alice has been a fixture of this neighborhood her whole life, even going to Westdale High School – the same high school Greg and Marcia Brady, two of her young charges, now attend.

Profession… live-inhousekeeper for the Bradys. Alice worked for Mike since his previous marriage, so she already had a rapport with his three sons Greg, Peter and Bobby. Thankfully, Mike’s new wife Carol and her three girls – Marcia, Jan and Cindy – have taken to Alice just fine. All the children see her as something of a second mother, but Alice feels a particular sympathy for Jan, also being a middle child herself.

Interests… Charleston dancing and bowling with her boyfriend Sam. If Alice is anywhere besides the Bradys’ residence, you can count on finding her at the nearest bowling alley. She also likes to play basketball occasionally, but needs to be careful when doing something so strenuous lest she throw out her balky back.

Relationship Status… dating Sam, who owns the local butcher shop. (And is thus universally known as “Sam the Butcher.”) Alice frequently mentions her boyfriend in affectionately teasing terms, and often makes jokes about his profession to his delight. Sam is also cordial with the Bradys and already part of the extended family.

Challenge… whatever the day calls for. Along with Carol, Alice mediates between the children and helps them get through their conflicts, and with six growing kids under one roof that’s a never-ending job. When Carol first moved in with Mike, Alice assumed she was redundant and considered quitting. But once the family assured her of her place, she considered herself a part of the clan and hasn’t looked back since.

Personality… jovial. Alice is beloved for her charm and self-deprecating sense of humor. She can defuse any amount of tension between Mike, Carol or the kids with a simple joke. She’s youthful enough to be loved by the kids yet wise enough to give guidance to all the Bradys.

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