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Alice Murphy


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Living… in a whirlpool of bitterness in sunny Rancho Cucamonga. Alice’s home life provides little haven from her miserable workdays. Her divorce and newfound sobriety mark a brand new chapter in her life, but she’s not too enthusiastic about it, or anything else in her life.

Profession… senior sales associate at TelAmeriCorp, supervising cut-ups Adam, Blake, and Anders. As a boss, Alice is cutthroat, wholly dedicating herself to putting up the numbers. This makes Adam, Ders, and Blake the worst employees possible. She constantly wishes that the three boys would grow up and resents being undervalued, underpaid, and disrespected.

Relationship Status… divorced and possibly over romance altogether. Her biggest source of male attention is, unfortunately, Adam. Not only does she reject Adam’s advances – but she also makes sure to describe the exact reasons he isn’t good enough for her, thus humiliating him. The guys try to help her however they can in matters of love, but they usually make things worse.

Challenge… getting the appreciation and respect she deserves. Alice is viewed as an overbearing, humorless boss, but in truth, her strict authority is the only thing keeping TeleAmeriCorp afloat. When she got sick and left her assistant Jillian in charge, it only took a few hours before employees were openly drinking and playing craps in the office.

Personality… ice queen. Alice takes joy in her authority over others. She’s ruthless but can fake a smile when it’s for the good of the company and has no problem telling people exactly how she feels about them. Somehow she lets Adam, Ders and Blake continue to work there in spite of their countless mistakes, hinting at some empathy hidden deep in the icy caverns of her heart.

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