Alice Kinnon
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Alice Kinnon

The Last Days of Disco

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About Her

Living… in Manhattan in the early 1980s in what her real estate agent calls a “railroad apartment.” It’s long and narrow, like a railway car. The apartment doesn’t really provide the privacy that she’d like – especially with her annoying and narcissistic roommate, Charlotte, always bugging her.

Visiting… the most popular disco clubs in New York every weekend. Unlike her relatively lonely stint at Hampshire College, Alice is just beginning to go out and meet interesting people. As she puts it, “Hampshire guys were jerks. Hippie-dippie suburbanites with all this hair, and extremely dim intellectual interests. I’m sorry, I don’t think the guy who did the Spider-Man comics was a serious writer.”

Profession… working in publishing. Alice is currently an assistant who only earns pennies, though she has a great respect for the publishing industry. She hopes to be promoted to an Associate Editor eventually.

Relationship Status… single, and precarious. Alice just wants to find a nice guy to settle down with, but her friend Charlotte keeps insisting that men of their class don’t seek out Alice’s type, which she describes as “kindergarten teacher.” In an attempt to improve her social life, Alice has tried on a role that she doesn’t feel comfortable with: the sexy seductress.

Challenge… navigating Manhattan’s confounding dating scene. The innocent Alice isn’t used to the dealing with such duplicitousness. Harvard guys, especially, seem to be the ones to avoid.

Personality… smart, upstanding, and slightly uptight. Alice is the only principled member of her social circle. She believes in the power of true romance, rather than cynical social climbing.  

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