Alice Hyatt
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Alice Hyatt

Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore

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About Her

Grew Up… with dreams of becoming a singer. When she married Donald, she gave up on those dreams to become a housewife.

Living… in the shocking wake of her husband’s death. Donald was killed in a car accident, leaving Alice to raise their son Tommy alone. Unsure of what to do next, Alice decides to sell as many of their belongings as possible and take Tommy along to California in search of a brand new start. Despite the inherent sadness of their departure, Alice remains hopeful, imbuing that hope in Tommy.

Profession… housewife. But now, Alice must rise to the challenge of supporting her family as a single parent. She quickly finds a job singing at a scummy bar. On the one hand, it's something she always dreamed of; on the other hand, the bar is, well, scummy.

Interests… singing, keeping her spirits high, Tommy’s wellbeing and upbringing. Alice is a very caring person, and her interests usually revolve around those she cares about.

Relationship Status… widowed. Unfortunately, Donald never really gave Alice much attention to begin with. Their relationship was never stellar, frankly. Now with his death, Alice might even be able to truly find love in her life.

Challenge… raising Tommy singlehandedly. Tommy is a funny, clever young boy who shows a lot of potential. Alice realizes that she can’t skimp when it comes to raising her special little guy.

Personality… witty, quick, optimistic. Despite her troubles Alice knows how to “relax and enjoy life.” When Tommy says, “Life is short,” Alice knows how to affectionately put him in his place, saying, “So are you.” Deep down, Alice may have wanted to escape her married life. But now that she's been forced into a difficult situation with Donald's sudden death, she's trying to view it as an opportunity. She’s not going to let it pass without getting her hands a little dirty and giving life her best shot.

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