Alice Dainard
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Alice Dainard

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Overview… a junior high school “it” girl with far from a perfect life. Alice is one of the prettiest girls in school, a fact that ironically causes her to be separated from the opposite sex, as most boys are too nervous to approach her. She’s grown even more reserved ever since her heavy-drinking father was implicated in an accident at the local steel mill that resulted in the death of her classmate’s mother. Despite her reserved nature, her classmate Charles invites her to play the wife of the lead detective in his zombie film. But filming is delayed when a train derails in their quiet town and unleashes something unearthly. The amateur film crew soon finds themselves at the center of a very dangerous, and very real, adventure.

Personality… sensitive, observant, and reserved. She’s the newest member of the film crew and isn’t yet sure how she fits in with the strange group of boys. She’s particularly unsure of her relationship to Joe Lamb, the son of the woman killed in the steel mill accident involving her father. While she’s scared of the bizarre things that have been happening in their town, she’s no coward and steps up to the plate when others need her. Her sensible nature, sensitivity, and beauty make her an object of desire to all the boys on the film crew, a dynamic that further complicates an already complicated situation.

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