Algy Moncrieff
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Algy Moncrieff

The Importance of Being Earnest

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About Him

Grew Up… rich and pampered. Algy is from a well-to-do family and was brought up in high society. While this means he has grown into a devoted aesthete, he has also been raised to live somewhat beyond his means.
Living… in his expensive apartment in London. In addition to his butler – whose job is to serve drinks, prepare sandwiches, and take the blame for Algy in embarrassing situations – Algy has invented a friend named Bunbury, who lives in the country and becomes gravely ill whenever Algy wants to get out of appointments or social events.

Profession… the space between ‘gentleman’ and ‘scoundrel,' which might best be described as "dandy." Which is to say, Algy is idle. A hedonist who does more or less what he likes, more or less all the time, Algy devotes all his time for his interests. His only true fear, in fact, is boredom.

Interests… pleasure. Algy has an aesthetic, hedonistic temperament. He enjoys playing the piano (as long as it isn’t classical) and dining out (as long as it’s in London’s west end). He often goes for drinks at private clubs and cocktail bars with his friend, Jack "Ernest" Worthing, who comes down from the country as often as he can.

Relationship Status… committed cad. As Algy explains to Jack, “the only way to behave to a woman is to make love to her if she’s pretty and to someone else if she’s plain." Unsentimental when it comes to these ‘matters of pleasure,’ as he calls them, Algy is currently pursuing Cecily Cardew, Jack's rich and pretty ward.

Challenge… avoiding boredom for as long as possible. Lately, this has taken the form of evading family – such as his overbearing aunt Augusta Bracknell – and trying to seduce Cecily under the guise of “Ernest Worthing,” Jack’s imaginary brother and alter ego.

Personality… worldly, witty, and charming. Algy is a paradoxical character, with his pithy philosophical pronouncements just as profound as they are nonsensical. As he tells Jack, “My dear fellow, all women become like their mothers – that is their tragedy. No man does and that’s his.” Algy's selfishness makes him difficult for friends to keep around, but his fun-loving nature might make up for his shortcomings.

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