Alfred Lambert

Alfred Lambert

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Grew Up… as a strong young man. His broad shoulders and straight back made him an able worker in his youth. But he studied hard and became an engineer at a good company, where he could put his loyalty and ethics to good use.

Living… with Parkinson’s disease in St. Jude, a Midwestern town. An old man now, Alfred has allowed his dwindling health to overtake his life, and he now suffers from depression—possibly the most taxing disease he has. He has let illness and the boredom of old age ruin him. A once proud man, Alfred now suffers the humiliation of urinating on himself in front of his children.

Profession… retired. Alfred once worked for Midland Pacific railroads, where he aspired to the position of chief engineer. He was an extremely hard worker and buried himself in his passion for work, resulting in his three children growing up without a strong presence from him. He developed many patents while working there, one of which is mysteriously in high demand.

Interests… sitting in his chair in the basement. Down there he suffers alone, without his wife Enid. It’s his domain, where he’s in complete control, even if he doesn’t have complete control over his own stuttering body: “And so in the house of the Lamberts, as in St. Jude, as in the country as a whole, life came to be lived underground.” 

Relationship Status… married to Enid. Their passion for each other has been dead for years. There’s still a kind of love between them, but Alfred likely wouldn’t even admit that. With his fading abilities, their marriage becomes more of a nurse-patient relationship, with Enid constantly taking care of him as his pride turns into mush.

Challenge… remaining an honorable man to his deathbed. Alfred hates the idea of becoming incompetent, incontinent, and losing all respect that he once had.

Personality… honorable but stubborn and reserved with his emotions. He’s the kind of man who sticks by his decisions, even if they aren’t always the best. For instance, he retired only months before his 65th birthday, which meant his retirement pension was cut in half. But when Alfred makes a decision, there’s no going back. 

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