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Alfred Kinsey


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Grew up… under the tyranny of his religious father. Once a practicing Methodist himself, Kinsey no longer sees himself as a believer. It was his father’s priggish attitude and sanctimonious tone that drew the young Alfred away from the church and into the university.

Profession… professor of zoology at Indiana University. Kinsey distinguished himself as a scholar when he got his doctorate at Harvard. His formal and awkward demeanor betrays his studious personality.

Interests… life of all kinds. As a biology student, Kinsey learned about the wondrous patterns and workings of nature. He discovered the great outdoors as a boy, and remained in love with the wild for his entire life: “Fields and woods became my new place or worship, my cathedral.”

Relationship Status… married to a woman who is just as passionately interested in nature as he is. Professor Kinsey met his wife in class – she was one of his students. It seems that Kinsey has a predilection for many of his students, especially his male assistant, Clyde Martin.

Challenge… breaking social taboos with his new academic study on sex. Kinsey, like any good biologist, is interested in the most fascinating animal of them all: humans. But in 1950s middle America, such frank discussions of sex are simply unheard of. Yet Kinsey the scientist is not interested in social conventions; he wants to get to the truth that lies within nature.

Personality… dedicated, intelligent and awkward. Professor Kinsey, or “Prok” as his students affectionately call him, is somewhat nutty in his optimism and drive. Yet his almost childlike enthusiasm in his work is what makes him so endearing to most everyone who crosses his path.

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