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Alfred Archibald Jones

White Teeth

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Grew up… with "no aims, no hopes, no ambitions." An ordinary Englishman with an ordinary family, Archie was drafted into WWII with no great desire to serve or prove himself. And true to form, he didn't.

Living… in London, near his former war buddy, Samad Iqbal. Despite their differing backgrounds – Samad is a former Bengali scientist, Archie is as English as tea and the Union Jack – the two are best friends, having grown close during their service in WWII.

Profession… worker at MorganHero, where he helps design the folds on paper. It's "not much of an achievement, maybe, but you'll find things need folds." And if Archie is the person who has to design them, then by God, he'll design them.

Interests… a warm dinner, a good pint, and an hour at the pub after work. Archie's a simple guy, one "whose greatest pleasures were English breakfasts and DIY."

Relationship Status… married to Clara Bowden, his youthful second wife. Archie's first marriage ended disastrously, with Ophelia leaving him after being driven mad by boredom. But Clara, the daughter of Jamaican immigrants, seems to know and accept what she's getting into it.

Challenge… finding a challenge, frankly. Not that he’s looking too hard. Archie's life may be uneventful and unexceptional, but that doesn't mean he's not content with it.

Personality… kind and friendly, if indecisive. Though he's easy to get along with, Archie is also very easy to forget. With few convictions of his own, he's always willing to go along with anything that'll make his friends happy – the more ordinary, the better. Still, amidst much more fiery friends and family members, Archie's easygoing nature makes him a welcome oasis of peace. 

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