Alexis Rose

Alexis Rose

    Schitt's Creek

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in a wealthy family. Alexis grew up nestled in the luxurious cocoon of her father’s money, but she still craved adventure. She ditched high school and decided to travel the world. She wasn’t taking bikini pics on the beach, like most socialites do on vacation, instead Alexis was negotiating with Thai drug lords, courting Saudi princes, and being taken hostage by Somali pirates.

Living… an entirely different life. After the government confiscated virtually all of her family’s assets, Alexis moved with her parents and brother to a town called Schitt's Creek that their father Johnny bought in the past as a joke. Alexis shares a motel room with her older brother David. Her parents, Moira and Johnny, share the adjoining room. Alexis doesn’t so much hate Schitt’s Creek, as she is appalled by it. She spends her time in this town scheming of ways to get back to her old life.

Profession… in transition. Alexis recently finished her court mandated community service, and is now venturing into the world of real employment. She wants to pursue PR and marketing, but for now, Alexis spends her time as a receptionist at the town vet clinic. She struggles at her job, even though it requires very little, but Alexis isn’t really there for the money.  

Interests… bohemian fashion, expensive shoes, and all things shiny. She isn’t afraid to do whatever it takes to get what she wants, even if that means manipulating her friends into giving her their stuff. Alexis also has a soft spot when it comes to attractive men, and she often finds herself involved with a new man… even when she is in a relationship.

Relationship status… in a complicated love triangle. Alexis first pined after her community service buddy, Mutt, but then fell into the arms of the town vet, Ted. After realizing Ted was too “nice,” she broke off their whirlwind engagement to chase after Mutt. After that ended, she is finding herself flirting with Ted, instead of doing her job at the vet clinic. Alexis is used to jumping headfirst into short-lived romantic flings, but she is starting to learn in Schitt's Creek what it might be like to be her own independent person.

Challenge… finding contentment in the small parts of life. Alexis is used to adventure, so Schitt’s Creek proves itself very boring for her tastes. Much like her mother and brother, she struggles to find lasting joy. She chases men to distract herself, but her crush on Ted is starting to push her into being a better person.

Personality… self-absorbed, charming, and vivacious. Alexis likes to talk about herself, her looks, and her daring adventures. She rarely takes a breather to listen to others. As she opens up to her friends and family, her creativity and passion begin to shine through. She is charming, winning men over by the county. She likes to think of herself as socially competent, but her brother, David, might disagree.


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