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Alexis Rose

Schitt's Creek

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About Her

Grew Up... in a rich family. As the daughter of Johnny and Moira Rose, Alexis grew up extremely spoiled.

Living... in the Rosebud Motel at Schitt's Creek with her family. After the government confiscates virtually all of the family’s assets, they move to a town called Schitt's Creek that their father Johnny bought in the past as a joke.

Profession... former socialite and teen model. She's currently unemployed.

Interests... bohemian fashion and socializing.

Relationship Status... single. Prior to her new life in Schitt’s Creek, she was in a fling with a guy with a trust fund who dumps her for a flight attendant. So far there are two guys in Schitt's Creek that catch her eye - only time will tell if they lead to something more.

Challenge... establishing her own independence and learning what it means to foster meaningful relationships. Alexis is used to jumping headfirst into short-lived romantic flings, but she soon learns in Schitt's Creek what it might be like to be her own independent person.

Personality... friendly, vain, and easy going. Alexis is perhaps the quickest out of the Rose family to make connections in Schitt's Creek. She even takes the initiative to organize a board game night with David and invites locals that they've befriended.

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Alexis Rose
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