Alexander the Great
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Alexander the Great


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Grew Up… with his mother Olympias. She devoted herself to Alexander’s tutelage, and even appointed Aristotle to be his private teacher. Alexander was instructed in reason, strategy and art by the great thinker. After such intensive preparation, Alexander was more than prepared to ascend Macedonia’s throne after his father's assassination.

Living… a life of warfare and conquering. Alexander has taken upon himself the task of conquering the Persian Empire – a powerful and far-spanning kingdom. His personal life is a tumultuous, dramatic battle between love and heartbreak as he juggles his love for his wife Roxana and his male lover Hephaistion. Alexander’s attention is spread thin over his responsibilities as a military leader, and his multiple lovers needing his time.

Profession… king of Macedonia, an ancient Greek kingdom. His position as king is not only to appease civil discontent, but more importantly to lead his army to victory. Alexander is cunning – he has been trained since birth on the intellectual side of combat. He abides by the slogan, “Conquer your fear, and I promise you, you will conquer death.”

Interests… domination and expanding his hegemony. Alexander plans to control a majority of the known world. And to achieve such a lofty goal, he needs to spend years and years battling to the death.

Relationship Status… married to Roxana. But he’s truly in love with Hephaistion, whom he has known for years. He admits to Hephaistion, “I would be nothing without you!”

Challenge… conquering the world. First, Alexander has his sights set on the Persian Empire, a daunting and worthy adversary. But if and when he conquers it, will he be able to put down his shield?

Personality… moody, ambitious, savvy in all fields. Alexander is the original Renaissance man, a true student of the world. He feels with intensity. He knows hatred so deep and love so painful that you could scarcely find anyone with a more sensitive soul.

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