Alexander Ekdahl
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Alexander Ekdahl

Fanny and Alexander

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About Him

Living… in Uppsala, Sweden. Alexander has been raised in the extended Ekdahl family, a wealthy Swedish clan. Alexander led a carefree childhood before his father’s untimely death. Alexander’s greatest concerns used to be finding someone to play with. Now, he is forced to live in a cold, austere house with his new stepfather – the menacing Bishop of Uppsala.

Profession… student and part-time actor. Alexander’s mother and father used to run the theatre in Uppsala. Alexander and Fanny were sometimes given parts in plays, though these were small, unpaid roles. He and his sister enjoyed acting alongside their parents, seeing their work, being a part of their little world of the theatre. Now that Alexander lives in the house of a bishop, catechism and religious study are the new norm.

Interests… playing cards, opening presents, and pillow fighting. But, in the Bishop’s house, he has little to occupy himself with besides study and chores.

Relationship Status… experiencing puppy love. Alexander is infatuated to one of his family’s maids, Maj, though she is far too old for him.

Challenge… being in a sad, confined environment. His challenge is to find a way out – or perhaps in – to the small, precious world of theatre, comedy, and imagination. Essentially, he must distance himself from the Bishop both physically and spiritually.

Personality… quiet, fun loving, and obedient to a point. But, the strictness of Bishop Edvard brings out a latent defiance in Alexander. In direct protest to his stepfather, Alexander tells the Bishop, “Alexander does not wish the Bishop a good night.”

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