Alex Munday
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Alex Munday

Charlie's Angels

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About Her

Grew Up… accomplished. Alex excelled at everything she attempted. Horse jumping, academics, ballet – you name it, she was good at it. Brilliant, beautiful, and bold, she had all the necessary foundations for becoming an Angel.

Living... in a small trailer home with her actor boyfriend. Alex is always jetting off to work on Charlie’s assignments, so she doesn’t spend too much time there.

Profession... a private investigator. Alex is a member of Charlie’s Angels, a squad of female agents working for the mysterious, never-seen Charlie. Her partners, Dylan and Natalie, are just as talented and intelligent as she is. The three of them make a formidable team.

Interests… baking. Alex worships Martha Stewart. Unfortunately, she is completely lacking in the culinary department. Alex’s blueberry muffins are hard enough to break through wood. Yikes.   

Relationship Status... dating Jason Gibbons. He’s an action star on-screen, but she’s one in real life. Not that he knows. To Jason, Alex is simply a very attractive bikini-waxer who is always being summoned by her boss Charlie. She isn’t sure she wants to reveal her true profession either: “You know, they come on all lovey-dovey until they find out I can shatter a cinderblock with my forehead.”

Challenge… rescuing Eric Knox. Alex and her fellow Angels have been tasked with finding the recently kidnapped software genius and his voice-tracking technology. It’ll be a tough mission, but Alex is confident that she and her teammates will be able to handle it.  

Personality… polished, whip-smart, and alluring. Alex just oozes sophistication. Don’t be fooled by her elegance, though. She definitely isn’t afraid to get rough. 

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