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Alex Levy

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Living... an incredibly unusual life. As the host of a morning news show, Alex’s day begins at 3:30 a.m. She may enjoy perks like a luxurious New York City penthouse apartment, but Alex’s also living a stressful public life very few people understand.

Profession... co-host of The Morning Show. For the past 15 years, Alex and her friend Mitch Kessler have been the beloved co-anchors of the UBA network’s flagship news show. But when Mitch is fired following sexual misconduct allegations, Alex’s entire professional and personal world is turned upside down.

Interests... Broadway musicals and skincare products.

Relationship Status... secretly separated. Though Alex still has a strong friendship with her husband Jason Craig, they no longer feel any kind of romantic connection. They’ve stayed together for the sake of their daughter and for the sake of Alex’s public reputation.

Challenge... saving The Morning Show and saving herself. Mitch’s firing sends The Morning Show spiraling into chaos and no one’s in a more precarious position than Alex. After years of fighting to get to the top, she’s determined not to become a pawn in someone else’s game. So she goes rogue and impulsively announces upstart field reporter Bradley Jackson as her new co-anchor. Now she just has to figure out if they actually make a good on-air team.

Personality... outwardly cheerful but inwardly flailing. A big part of Alex’s job is projecting a personable, perky face to the public. Inside, however, she’s not nearly as put together. To get ahead in a sexist world, Alex has trained herself to bury her frustrations and make moral compromises when she has to. Her naturally caring, intelligent demeanor clashes with the cutthroat sense of self-preservation she’s had to adopt to survive. As her world begins to crumble, however, Alex’s true emotions start bubbling to the surface. As she puts it, “Maybe you have to lose it sometimes to get people to take you seriously.”

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