Alex Kerner
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Alex Kerner

Goodbye, Lenin!

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About Him

Grew up… in the German Democratic Republic, aka East Germany. Alex is a product of socialist rule – his dedicated mother has done her best to instill him with nationalist pride. After his father left for the capitalist West, Alex and his family have become a bit more fervent in their socialism.

Living… in changing times. By the time he became a teenager, Alex lost his enthusiasm for socialist values. Luckily, the year is 1989, change is in the air, and Alex is getting caught up in it.

Visiting… his mother in the hospital. Alex’s mother has a heart attack that has left her in a coma at one of history’s greatest turning points. While she is unconscious, the Berlin Wall falls and capitalism comes to East Germany.

Profession… former TV repairman, but under the new capitalist order has taken a job installing high tech satellites in Berlin’s high rises. He works with his quirky colleague Denis, an aspiring filmmaker. 

Relationship Status… deeply attracted to his mother’s nurse, Lara. Awkwardly, the only time that Alex can find to hit on Lara is when he is visiting his unconscious mother. In order to propel himself into romantic action, he remembers an old communist saying: “We solve problems by marching ahead!”

Challenge… keeping his mother alive. When Alex’s mother wakes from her coma, the doctor informs the family that any form of excitement could prompt a deadly heart attack. Knowing that if she realizes the GDR has collapsed she could potentially die from the shock, Alex decides to hide the recent historical turn from his mother. In order to do so, he has to make sure that his mother doesn’t see the Burger Kings or Coca Cola advertisements that have littered the city.

Personality… optimistic, aimless and excited. Alex is eager to see what new possibilities are offered to him, though his dedication to his mother has him stuck in the communist past. He spends his time thinking up elaborate schemes to keep his mother under the impression that the socialist dream is still alive.

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