Alex Kerkovich
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Alex Kerkovich

Happy Endings

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About Her

Living... alone after leaving her fiancé Dave at the altar. Dave and Alex stayed friends, so she’s not afraid to call him over when she needs help catching a mouse. Dave, who is now living on their friend Max’s couch, doesn’t mind spending time in an apartment that isn’t a decrepit bachelor pad.

Profession... owner of Xela, pronounced “Shayla,” a clothing boutique with almost no customers. (Xela is also “Alex” spelled backwards.) Occasionally Alex will see an uptick in patronage – like when teen girls start wearing her baby clothes as tiny tops – but mostly Xela is a ghost town.

Interests… ranging from organizing girls’ nights out to acquiring exotic pets like a snake and a parrot, both named Tyler. Her most perplexing trait is her propensity to eat plates and plates of ribs while somehow staying in excellent shape. She once said, “I’ll have the ribs, and she’ll also have the ribs. That way we can share.” And by “share,” Alex meant “eat them all herself.”

Relationship Status... single and regretful. She feels bad about ditching Dave the way she did, but with the encouragement of her friend Penny and sister Jane, she’s giving dating a try for the first time in her adult life. As someone who decided to leave her own wedding with a near-stranger wearing rollerblades, Alex could use all the relationship guidance she can get.

Challenge... getting over Dave while remaining friends. They don’t want their group of friends to split up too, so they work hard to spend time together without bickering. Not so easy when you’ve been a couple so long you have matching tattoos. Plus, she has to live up to the expectations of her type-A sister. That isn’t easy; Jane is scary.                                                                    

Personality... ditzy, with a habit of trying (and failing) to join in on her friends’ joke runs. In her defense, it can be tough to keep up with the rapid-fire riffing. That’s not to say Alex isn’t funny – sometimes it’s just unintentional. Like when she tries defending herself with the enigmatic, “I’m not as dumb as I am.”

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