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Grew Up… slowly. Hitch describes himself as a “late bloomer... eager to make up for lost time” during college. Enter Cressida Bailey, his first girlfriend. What they had was beautiful. But, he came on too strong and she hooked up with someone else. Moral of the story? In his words: “No guile, no game... no girl.”

Living... in NYC. The city is full of lonely men and women, a perfect environment for a matchmaker to work his magic.

Profession... professional “date doctor.” Three dates is all Hitch needs to get his client to that all-important first kiss. Once he’s hired, he’ll work tirelessly to get you noticed by the girl of your dreams. After all, “any man has a chance to sweep any woman off her feet. He just needs the right broom.”

Interests... casual hook-ups. Hitch has a reputation among his friends for being all about the short game. Professionally he talks the talk of finding something meaningful, but so far he doesn’t walk that walk in her personal life.

Relationship Status... single, for now. There aren’t many women who can make a man like Alex reconsider his “hot, sweaty, totally varied, wildly experimental short game.” Gossip columnist Sara Melas happens to be one of them. After some brief exchanges of witty banter at a club, Hitch is smitten. She, on the other hand, seems to want to focus on her career.

Challenge... getting Albert Brennaman a date with Allegra Cole. He’s a clumsy, nerdy accountant. She’s a gorgeous, A-list celebrity. The chances of them falling in love are basically zero. Moved by Albert’s sincere affection towards Allegra, however, Hitch decides to take on the biggest challenge of his career.   

Personality… smooth, perceptive, and dedicated. Hitch goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure the success of his clients. He’s great at staging and analyzing romantic situations. But don’t go looking for him if all you’re interested in is sex. Hitch only takes on men who respect women.

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