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Alex Forrest

Fatal Attraction

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About Her

Living… in New York City, where all of the interesting men seem to be married. Alex likes to have a good time, but she’s becoming less and less satisfied with quick flings. Her latest relationship with an attorney named Dan Gallagher seemed promising – but alas, he’s married and no longer available.

Visiting… Dan Gallagher’s new home in the (slightly) upstate town of Bedford. Alex has been trying to get back in contact with Dan, but he’s moved his family up to Westchester County. The jealous Alex blames Dan’s possessive wife. Charges Alex, “You’re trying to move him into the country… and you’re keeping him away from me. And you’re playing happy family, aren’t you?”

Profession… editor in a publishing company. Everything about Alex screams sophistication, which is why Dan was so attracted to her at first. Alex, though, is not living up to her reputation as a cool customer. She’s beginning to cling to Dan, and won’t hesitate to use violence and intimidation to coerce him into seeing her again.

Relationship Status… single, but desperately trying to gain access to Dan. Alex refuses to play the role of the sophisticated mistress. She’s played the role of the “other woman” for too long.

Challenge… reclaiming Dan by intimidating him and his family. If he keeps ignoring her, Alex believes that the only way to get Dan back is to stalk him and threaten him. As she tells him, “Well, what am I supposed to do? You won’t answer my calls, you change your number. I mean, I’m not gonna be ignored, Dan!” But at some point, Alex’s efforts seem less about getting Dan back than seeking revenge.

Personality… psychotic, frantic, deluded, and angry. Alex can’t seem to take “no” for an answer from Dan. Not only does she harm herself, she threatens to harm those closest to Dan – including his children. She says to him, “I guess you thought you’d get away with it. Well, you can’t.”

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