Alex DeLarge

Alex DeLarge

    A Clockwork Orange
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in futuristic London.  He has a flat with an incredible hi-fi system that is usually playing classical music by his man Ludwig Van. (Yes, Beethoven.)

Profession... gang leader. His gang includes George “the General” who is always trying to give out orders even though Alex is in charge. And then there’s Dim who is not very bright, but he is the muscle of the gang. And the last member is Pete, who is by comparison the most normal of the four. Most of the time, they meet up at Korova Milk Bar for their favorite milk-based, drug-laced cocktail. It helps get them in the mood for a night of “ultra violence.”

Interests... watching movies. As he says, "It's funny how the colors of the real world only seem really real when you viddy them on the screen."

Relationship Status... very single. He’s not the type of guy to settle down with just one girl – not even for a night. So sometimes two girls end up in his bed.

Challenge... getting out of jail. His last night out landed him there after his gang turned on him. And now he doesn’t have anyone to trust. Jail becomes an ordeal of, in his words, “being kicked and tolchocked by brutal warders, and meeting leering criminals and perverts ready to dribble all over a luscious young malchick like your storyteller."

Personality... a charming sociopath. Alex definitely has his moments. He is energetic, witty, and cultured. And he certainly has a way with words; he talks like no one you have ever met. His biggest flaw is that he is a brutal sadist involved in heinous crimes. But in his crazy futuristic world, it sometimes seems that he’s actually one of the better guys around. A scary world indeed!


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