Alberto Scorfano

Alberto Scorfano


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... on an island outside of Portorosso. He lives alone in an abandoned tower while his father is away. But his father has been gone so long that Alberto is starting to wonder if he is coming back. Luca has jumped at the chance to go to Portorosso with his new friend Luca, a fellow sea monster.

Living… in Portorosso where he and Luca go between the sea and land, collecting human treasures. They’ve made a new friend with a local girl named Giulia. Alberto has started to bond with Giulia’s father, Massimo, and is helping with his fishing business.

Interests… Vespas. Alberto dreams of owning a Vespa because it would allow him to live on his own terms. He’s hoping he’ll find a Vespa in Portorosso.

Challenge… finding fulfillment and staying alive. Fishermen in Portorosso are earning bounties if they hunt sea monsters like Alberto and Luca. How long will Alberto be able to keep his and Luca’s identities concealed? Will a Vespa be worth the dangers of staying in the human world?

Personality… adventurous, impulsive, and caring. Alberto is an adrenaline junkie who doesn’t like to be held back. In his own words, “rules are for rule people.”


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