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Living… in Los Angeles. Albert admits he lives like a slob – not the dirty, hoarder kind, just the normal kind. His daughter Tess lives with him half the year. She’s neat, like her mother. Albert can’t believe he’ll be an empty-nester soon. Granted, he already is half the year, but he can’t picture his daughter not being around. There will officially be no reason to clean up after himself.

Profession… archiving television history. He has no interest in current TV; he considers it all to be catering to the lowest common denominator. Instead, he makes sure shows are transferred and logged properly, writes blurbs for them, and tries to make them sound relevant and exciting in case someone younger than 50 wants to put down their phone and see something original and brilliant.

Interests… Tess. Since his divorce, he’s mainly been interested in maintaining a strong relationship with her. She’s the light of his life, and with her going to Parsons School of Design in the fall, every moment is bittersweet. He knows this is best for her, and yet the protective instinct is constantly making him question his support.

Relationship Status... on the rebound. His last marriage failed. She had no interest in sex whatsoever. He suspects there were other men. His ex didn’t respect his work or his style of parenting. It was a constant struggle. This new woman, Eva, seems full of promise, and yet he knows it always begins that way.

Challenge… leaving behind his baggage. The entire time he’s been dating Eva, his ex-wife has been poisoning her perception of him. Now he resents Eva as well, for not revealing she’s become friends with his ex and for trying to change him. He feels like he’s getting too old for these games.

Personality… affable and sweet, but set in his slovenly ways. When his first wife moved in with him, Albert had nothing next to his bed, no night table or dresser. He put everything on the floor. His ex saw this as a charming bohemian quality and figured he’d outgrow it with time – but he didn’t. At first Eva finds his “groundedness” endearing, but will that last?

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