Alba Villanueva
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Alba Villanueva

Jane the Virgin

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About Him

Grew Up… in Venezuela. Even years after moving to the United States, she still feels strong roots to her home country and only speaks Spanish. A deep devotion to religion was instilled in her from a very young age, and it’s still extremely important to her.

Living… in Miami with her daughter, Xo, and granddaughter, Jane. But, she’s careful not to get any parking tickets or call attention from the police or government – she’s here in the United States illegally.

Profession… homemaker, originally with the main purpose of taking care of Xo. When Xo became pregnant with Jane at age 16, Alba took on double duty, helping to raise Jane as well. 

Interests… religion and telenovelas. Alba may strictly abide by the rules of the Bible, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t still have fun watching other people break the rules on her favorite TV dramas. She also loves spending time with Xo and Jane.

Relationship Status… widowed. Recently, her interest in the church may be bringing her closer to a certain handsome priest named Edward, and there may be some sparks there…

Challenge… maintaining her faith. It’s hard to still believe in the power of Christ, while also supporting her daughter’s reckless behavior and her granddaughter’s unexpected pregnancy. (Jane got pregnant despite being a virgin; it’s a long story.) But if anyone can handle it, it’s Alba.

Personality… righteous, strict, and loving. Alba is stringent about her beliefs, but she is willing to be flexible… occasionally. It has to be under the right circumstances, of course, and those circumstances usually involve taking care of her family.

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