Alanna of Trebond

Alanna of Trebond

Alanna: The First Adventure

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About Her

Grew up… with her twin brother, Thom, on the Trebond estate in the country of Tortall. Her mother died giving birth to the twins, and her father withdrew into his study and never took an interest in his children. They were mostly raised by the healer Maude and the ex-soldier Coram.

Living… in the royal palace of Tortall. When her father sent Alanna off to become a nun, she switched places with her twin brother to become a knight instead. Now she’s going by the name Alan and pretending to be a boy. They’ll throw her out of the palace if they realize she’s a girl.

Profession… page, or knight-in-training. Alanna has to learn archery, fencing, wrestling, etiquette, math, history, and a thousand other things in order to become a knight – and all while concealing her true identity as a female. She isn’t sure if she can do it. But with the constant support of Coram, now posing as her manservant, she might just make it through.

Interests… hiking and hunting. As a child, Alanna and Thom spent a lot of time in the woods around Trebond. Now that she’s at the palace, though, Alanna has to spend her time learning how to dance and play the lap-harp. She’s not thrilled.

Relationship Status… none, because no one knows she’s a girl. But she has gathered a wonderful group of friends both in and out of the palace, and that’s more than she ever had before.

Challenge… surviving knight training. It’s no easy task, even for someone who doesn’t have to conceal one’s gender. Alanna also may have to overcome her aversion to using magic in order to save her new friends from a mysterious sickness that’s sweeping Tortall. It’s a dangerous time to live in Tortall, and dark magic is in the air. In the days ahead even those who haven’t completed their knightly training will be called upon to defend the realm.

Personality… fiery and stubborn. Alanna loses her temper easily and swears like a sailor, which helps her fit in with the guys but doesn’t really endear her to her teachers. She prefers to do things on her own, refusing to ask for help even when she really needs it. Her best attributes are her unwavering tenacity and loyalty. She never gives up on her goals or her friends.

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