Alan Zaveri

Alan Zaveri

    Russian Doll
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... meticulously. Alan was raised by a doctor who had high standards for her son and his life.

Living... the same day over and over again in New York City. Alan’s life has gotten a little weird lately. He regularly dies in freak accidents and then wakes up back in his bathroom on the exact same day. He has no idea what’s causing this “reset” or how it happens, but he’s taking it pretty well. As he calmly notes during a deadly elevator mishap, “Doesn't matter. I die all the time.”

Profession... detached from his job. Alan’s mental health issues have caused him to regularly miss work.

Interests... video games, cake, and his pet betta fish.

Relationship Status... engaged. Or, at least, he was hoping to be. Just as Alan finally gets up the courage to propose to his longtime girlfriend Beatrice, she unexpectedly breaks up with him instead. It turns out she’s been cheating on him with one of her professors. Alan must suddenly face the fact that their nine-year relationship is over. And, thanks to his time loop, he has to face that fact over and over and over again.

Challenge... managing his time loop. While some might see a time loop as a curse, Alan sees it as a gift. Now he can learn all the details of what happens that day and control every single element of his life—like preemptively unpacking the suitcase he’d prepped for his getaway with Beatrice. Yet all that changes when Alan meets Nadia Vulvokov, a woman stuck in her own time loop. She throws off his routine and forces him to question whether escaping his loop might be better than living in it forever.

Personality... organized, meticulous, and tightly wound. Alan loves routine. In fact, you might call him a control freak. He finds comfort in repeating the same patterns day after day and feels uncomfortable when his carefully ordered life is thrown out of whack. Alan is insecure and anxious, and structure is a way to help him cope. He comforts himself by repeating the mantra, “I am beautiful. I am loved and deserve love. I am in control.” Alan sees life as a series of problems to be managed, rather than a joyful experience to be lived. It’s a point of view that leaves many of his friends worried about his mental health.


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