Alan Shore
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Alan Shore

Boston Legal

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About Him

Grew up… in Dedham, Massachusetts, just outside Boston. 

Living… at an unnamed hotel, in room 416. Alan used to live in a huge house with a “grotesque” swimming pool, but now likes the idea of not having a home. He finds the idea that he could “check out” at any time to be very comforting.

Profession… associate at the law firm Crane, Poole & Schmidt. Alan is one of the best attorneys on a staff of great attorneys, and almost always wins his cases. This is partly because he is well-informed, and willing to use illicit means to gain access to information he needs. But it’s also because he is an outstanding litigator who can almost always be relied on to gain the jury’s sympathy. Despite his professional excellence, he has resigned himself to the fact that he will never be promoted to partner, as he is seen as a loose cannon. 

Interests… a renaissance man, Alan seems to possess at least a little knowledge about everything. Still, between his hectic job, friendships at the firm, and constant romantic entanglements, Alan isn’t left with a whole lot of time to pursue hobbies. 

Relationship status… widowed, but romantically active. As a charming, intelligent, and wealthy man, Alan has no problem attracting women and flits from one relationship to another. While he strives to be kind and loyal, his narcissism creates a wedge between himself and other people, which makes it difficult for him to build a truly long-lasting relationship. Alan seems sadly aware of this fact, accepting it and even going so far as to tell his potential lovers that, “I demand only one thing in a relationship – that I remain utterly alone.” His most stable relationship is his incredibly intense, platonic relationship with his fellow lawyer and friend, Denny Crane.

Challenge… fixing the United States, one court case at a time. As a lawyer, Alan makes his living by making other people’s problems his own. However, Alan sets himself apart from other lawyers in that he only takes cases that align with his scruples. As a result, every time Alan steps into the courtroom he not only fights for their interests, but for whatever principle he’s identified as the heart of the case. It’s a major key to his professional success. 

Personality… brilliant, eccentric, and principled. Upon first meeting Alan Shore, most people are struck by how he manages to be simultaneously charismatic and utterly bizarre. While happy and carefree on the exterior, Alan suffers a number of consistent and debilitating problems – sleepwalking, night terrors, and an intense fear of clowns, just to name a few. Though Alan has dedicated most of his life to helping others, he is possessed by a quiet narcissism, often leading to accusations that he believes “the world revolves around him.” It’s a fair charge. But if those accusers ever really needed a lawyer to fight for them, they’d likely turn to Alan first.

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