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Grew Up... in the 1960s. Alan had trouble with his father, who owned a shoe factory. His father wanted him to go to boarding school, but Alan took that suggestion as a sign that his father didn’t love him enough.

Living… back in the normal world, after 26 years stuck inside the jungle world of a voodoo-esque board game known as Jumanji. In 1969, Alan started playing Jumanji, and landed on a space that said, “In the jungle you must wait, ‘til the dice read five or eight.” He was immediately sucked into the game’s jungle, only to be set free in 1995, when two orphaned children found the game and started playing it again. In order to fully lift the curse of Jumanji, Alan must aid the children in finishing the game once and for all.

Interests… gaining his father’s approval, avoiding bullies, and surviving threats such as stampedes and quicksand.

Relationship Status… single. He says he was completely alone in the jungle, which was how Sarah Whittle, the girl who started playing Jumanji with him in 1969, felt when Alan disappeared into the game. Now, in 1995, he must employ her help to finish the game they started 26 years ago.

Challenge… finishing the game he started. While most board games are relatively short-lived and two-dimensional, Jumanji throws deadly challenges at its players and requires you to survive these threats to continue to the next turn.

Personality… funny and strong. Even after 26 years alone in a jungle, Alan still has his sense of humor. He is much tougher than he was as a 12-year-old boy. Bullies no longer threaten him, as he is skilled at taming lions and dodging poisonous plants. His real focus now is finishing the game so he can assimilate back into the real world. 

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