Alan Harper
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Alan Harper

Two and a Half Men

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About Him

Living... out of his element in a seaside Malibu bachelor pad. It’s not his – after his ex-wife Judith asked for a divorce that left him alone and broke, Alan took his son Jake and moved into his older brother Charlie’s kingdom of debauchery.

Profession... chiropractor. It’s a stable 9-5 job for a guy who gets uneasy around chaos and uncertainty. Plus he couldn’t get into medical school no matter how hard he tried. He’s the polar opposite of his brother Charlie, who has skated through life without worry, making boatloads of money writing commercial jingles.

Interests… saving money. Alan has never met a deal he doesn’t love, and when he can’t get a deal, he just “accidentally” leaves his wallet at home. Charlie can pick up the tab. 

Relationship Status... starting a new life after his divorce. Alan was with Judith for over a decade and even though she made his life miserable, they were a couple since they were in high school – she’s all he knows. Sure, he’s got Charlie to help him navigate the strange new dating world, but Alan doesn’t share the same craven, womanizing mindset as his freewheeling brother. And even if he did, he wouldn’t be nearly as successful at it.

Challenge... summing up in one word: Charlie. Alan calls his brother a “booze-addled buffoon” and doesn’t appreciate Charlie’s open disdain for hosting him and his son. Easygoing Charlie has never had a problem getting what he wants, but Alan worked himself to the bone and was left paying thousands in alimony. Maybe Charlie can teach him a thing or two about loosening up.     

Personality... neurotic and socially inept. Alan likes keeping to himself because engaging with the world is just too stressful. But when he does date, he puts his all into it – Alan cares and tries enough for the whole Harper family. What he doesn’t do is pay more than he has to, but he’s creatively thrifty enough to get away with it. Alan tries to be a good dad, but doesn’t always succeed. In fact, that’s true in most areas of Alan’s life.

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