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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… poor but cheerful. Aladdin might have grown up without any money, but he's always had his wits and his pet monkey, Abu, to keep him company.

Living... in the city of Agrabah, steps away from the royal palace. They'd never let him in, of course, but Aladdin does like to dream of what life there must be like. Wonderful, he'd imagine.

Profession… thief. Though not by choice – between the guards constantly chasing him and the perpetual poverty, it's not exactly a glamorous lifestyle. But as Aladdin puts it, "Gotta eat to live, gotta steal to eat," so what can you do?

Interests… dreaming of a better life. While Aladdin might have fun capering the streets of Agrabah, he'd really just like to "be rich, live in a palace, and never have any problems at all." Until that happens, however, he's more than happy to help Agrabah's orphans and children.

Relationship Status… smitten with none other than Princess Jasmine. The two clearly have a lot of common, but their difference in status makes romance seemingly impossible. After all, Jasmine's a princess – what could she see in a street rat like him?

Challenge… winning Jasmine's hand. Of course, this first requires being a prince, but with the help of a genie he's just freed, Aladdin might just have the thing. The real trick, though, is making sure no one sees through his act. And for a boy raised on scraps, masquerading as the wealthy Prince Ali will be no easy task.

Personality… clever and kind, but insecure. Aladdin might not be rich, but he has more than enough heart to make up for it. Ready to lend a hand even when it could cost him, Aladdin has the character of a true prince (and probably more brains than any of Jasmine's suitors, too). If only Aladdin could trust that Jasmine sees that, too...


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