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Overview… a young dinosaur facing, well, extinction. When a large meteor strikes earth, the environment on Aladar’s island becomes inhospitable, forcing a herd of dinosaurs to migrate in order to survive. With meat-eating dinosaurs following their group and picking off the slowest members, the race is on to find somewhere safe to live before becoming lunch. As water runs scarce and with no end to the journey in sight, more and more dinosaurs look to Aladar to come up with a plan to address problems.

Personality… tolerant, compassionate, and brave. Since Aladar was separated from his parents while still an egg, he was raised by lemurs and is consequently accepting of all types of animals, unlike the prejudices held by the brutish herd leader Kron. Aladar also feels particularly attached to others who have been abandoned or forgotten, and he opts to aid the elderly and less capable along the herd’s journey. His selflessness makes him a hero among the other dinosaurs, though it doesn’t go far in beating back the ruthless Carnotaurus pair on the herd’s heels. 

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