Alabama Whitman
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Alabama Whitman

True Romance

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About Her

Living… in Detroit, where she has become a call girl, working for the dreaded pimp Drexl Spivey.

Profession… prostitute for about four days. Alabama has recently gotten into this line of work and doesn’t really enjoy the sleaziness of it. But her work does present some gems of hope. One night she is secretly hired to show Clarence Worley, a comic book store clerk, a good time on his birthday. The two of them immediately fall in love and decide to get married. Clarence swears to free her of her domineering pimp, Drexl, and take her on the ride of her life.

Interests… guys who work at comic book stores called “Heroes for Sale,” the idea of moving to Los Angeles, and a dangerous life on the road.

Relationship Status… married. Although she jumped very quickly into her relationship with Clarence, she has no doubts whatsoever, and loves him the way the sun loves the moon. They are a dynamic duo, protecting one another from the horrors of the world, which they both know all too well. 

Challenge… making a life for herself with Clarence, which means first escaping her life as a prostitute. It won’t be easy; Alabama is controlled by Drexl with an iron fist. But after she quits her job, there will be a whole new host of problems, including how they will make money and where they will live – not to mention surviving the whole trip…

Personality… timid, caring, ditsy, and optimistic. She comes across as innocent – not the kind of woman you would expect to become a call girl. She holds herself in high esteem and treats others with respect.

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