Al Capone
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Al Capone

The Untouchables

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Grew Up… in Brooklyn, New York, the son of Italian immigrants. His family had come over in much the same way as most turn-of-the-century immigrants: in search of the American dream. It wasn’t until Al came of age that the Capone family actually had a real chance at finding it.

Living… on top of his own world of crime. The head honcho around Chicago, a city where Prohibition means that any cop who takes a harmless drink technically becomes a criminal himself. The law in this town has been suffering ever since Prohibition took effect, and crime bosses like Al Capone have taken center stage. Al’s the one supplying illegal alcohol to most of Chicago. While out on the docks this might be considered bootlegging, Al Capone argues that here on the streets, “that’s just hospitality."

Profession… crime boss. As much as he labels himself as a “businessman,” Al can’t deny that he’s a specific kind of businessman – the kind that deals in criminal activity. And this is why law enforcement has been trying to bust him for some time. At least, the parts of law enforcement that Al hasn't bought off. But it will be a lot tougher to get rid of the crusading federal agent, Eliot Ness, and his small band of "Untouchables."

Interests… baseball bats, business, and tax evasion. Al enjoys the simpler pleasures in life, like a close shave, a stiff drink, and proving his dominance by playing T-ball with a rival’s skull.

Relationship Status… married with a son, “Sonny” Capone. He married his wife at the ripe age of 19, right after the baby was born.

Challenge… bribing enough cops to keep the law off his tail. For a while, it seems like Al will have little problem doing just that. His real challenge comes when a small group of un-bribable lawmen, known as the "Untouchables” and led by Eliot Ness, starts hunting Capone down.

Personality… dominating, uncouth, reckless, and political. Al Capone might as well be the mayor of Chicago. Although he claims to lead a peaceful business, he also likes to say (and believe) things like: “You can get further with a kind word and a gun than you can with just a kind word.” Charismatic and a natural leader, Al could perhaps have been a success in a number of fields. But when your field of choice is organized crime, it's awfully hard to stay on top forever because everyone is gunning for you – from the "good" guys like Ness to fellow bad guys.

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