Samurai Jack

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in the depths of space. Long ago, the gods Odin, Ra, and Vishnu sensed the existence of the primordial entity known as the Ultimate Evil. While they were mostly successful in eradicating it, one part of the Evil survived – and now, eons later, once again threatens the universe.

Living... on Earth. The last trace of the Ultimate Evil landed on Earth, where it eventually developed into the entity known as Aku. Armed with an array of powers and near-invulnerability, Aku is once again, in his word, "free to smite the world as I did in days long past."

Profession… evil overlord. Several hundred years into the future, Aku has conquered all of Earth and countless other planets. While generally pretty great, such expansive domain does come with a few downsides – namely, "stupid faulty underlings! It's just like people say; if you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself."

Interests… suffering – other people's, that is. Burning villages, conquering other planets, kicking puppies – this is just how Aku unwinds.

Relationship Status… single. Sinister abominations don't really spend a lot worrying about true love.

Challenge… defeating his arch-nemesis, Samurai Jack. Trained from birth to battle Aku, Jack is a formidable warrior whose supernatural sword is one of the objects that can harm Aku. Moments from being defeated by Jack, Aku transported Jack into the future – a future where Aku rules. Even so, Jack continues to defy Aku, and "tales of the Samurai's heroics have spread through the world like a virus."

Personality… whimsical, manipulative, and definitely evil. If he wasn't a demon, Aku might make an ideal dinner guest – he's intelligent, clever, and often hilariously witty. Too bad his idea of fun is causing misery.


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