Daughter of Smoke and Bone

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About Him

Living… as an angel. He has come to Earth on a mission. 

Interests… scorching handprints onto various doors around the human world. To the general public, these markings seem to be random. But to Akiva, his handprints are symbols of faint pulses of magic lurking behind them.  

Relationship Status… single. Honestly, he wouldn’t imagine himself otherwise. A girl a long time ago taught him mercy and compassion, but he was traumatized from something terrible that happened between them. Upon seeing Karou for the first time, he has a natural affinity towards her since she reminds him so much of the girl he once loved. 

Challenge… killing the chimaera, especially Brimstone. The seraphim and chimaera are sworn enemies. Akiva seems to love to hate them, or perhaps he has no other choice. 

Personality… brooding, cold, and ruthless. He’s goal-oriented and is determined to get things done—even if that means murder. Although he has fiery eyes, there’s no warmth behind them. Akiva has an intimidating stare, devoid of any emotion. But behind his cold exterior, there may be some warmth and hope.

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