Akio Ohtori

Akio Ohtori

Revolutionary Girl Utena

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About Him

Living... in the Chairman's Tower of Ohtori Academy. Technically, it's only a temporary arrangement until the chairman recovers from his illness, but Akio treats the place as though it were already home, spending most of his time in the planetarium at the top of the tower.

Profession... acting chairman of Ohtori Academy. Again, only temporarily so, but Akio's taken to the position just as well as he's taken to his new quarters. After all, he has a vested interest in the school: his dear younger sister, Anthy Himemiya, is a student at Ohtori.

Interests... fast cars, good wine, and pretty women – or men; really, he's not picky. Well-read and well-dressed, Akio is definitively a man of wealth and taste, with interests ranging from photography to classic literature. As shown by his residence, Akio also has a passion for astrology, showing especial interest in Venus, "the Morning Star... also known as Lucifer. The star that was originally an angel, but chose to become the Devil."

Relationship Status... engaged to Kanae Ohtori, daughter of Ohtori's actual Chairman. Officially, that is – unofficially, Akio has probably slept with half of Ohtori. Age, gender, sexuality: none of it really matters to Akio, for whom the chase is just as satisfying as the sex. His latest pursuit? Anthy's roommate, tomboy Utena Tenjou.

Challenge... unfathomable. Akio undeniably has cards up his sleeves, but he isn't revealing them anytime soon; as a result, his true goals are as difficult to discern as anything about the charming chairman. Still, it wouldn't be far-fetched to guess that they had something to do with "the power of revolution" that Anthy supposedly possess and which the members of the student council seem obsessed with.

Personality... charming, hedonistic, and extremely persuasive. In a school full of hormonal teenagers, Akio is a glamorous figure, possessing all the freedom of adulthood with none of the wrinkles. Still, there's more to Ohtori's chairman than sexual allure and reckless driving, and Akio's philosophy that "without power, one finds themselves merely depending on others to live" may prove to be just as corrupting as the man himself.

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