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The Warriors

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Grew Up… in a New York City devastated by gang warfare. In order to survive Ajax decided to join the Warriors, a formidable gang. But truth be told, his aggressive nature makes him a natural fit for a gang.

Living… in Coney Island with the rest of his crew. With the rest of the city carved up and claimed by various gangs, Coney Island is the only place where the members of the Warriors are ever truly safe.

Visiting… Van Cortland Park, all the way up in the Bronx. Normally the Warriors wouldn’t venture so far from their home base in Coney Island, Brooklyn, but Cyrus, a rival gang leader, has called for a summit with all of New York’s major gangs. If they can all agree to a truce and stop fighting each other, they could rule the city.

Profession… gang-land soldier. Ajax is still considered just a common foot soldier in the Warriors, though he has dreams of rising to the top of the gang. His ambitions seem unlikely to ever take place, as Ajax is short-sighted, short-tempered, and liable to disobey orders. His primary contribution to the gang is his raw strength and aggression.

Interests… machismo. Ajax prides himself on being the hardest, toughest member of the Warriors. He “doesn’t like this running crap,” and never wants to back down from a fight.

Challenge… making it back to Coney Island alive. The Warriors find themselves in serious trouble after the meeting at Van Cortland Park turns violent, and Cyrus and the leader of the Warriors are killed. Framed for the crime, the Warriors have to make it through miles of hostile gang territory if they want to make it back to the (relative) safety of Coney Island. 

Personality… ambitious, arrogant, violent, and vulgar. Ajax is quite the loose cannon. He never hesitates to say what’s on his mind and absolutely hates running from a fight – even if it’s one he knows he’ll lose. He’s short-sighted, and prioritizes pride over prudence. He believes that he should be the one in charge of the gang now that their leader is dead, and is more than willing to feud with Swan over the position even as rival gangs circle the surviving Warriors.

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