Aileen Wuornos
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Aileen Wuornos


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About Her

Grew Up… without anything – no real family, no real friends. No one ever took care of her psychological or social development, and so she is unconnected to the norms of the regular world. She’s always had to live on the fringes of society.

Living… in Florida. Aileen has a criminal history and no professional talents, and so has turned to highway prostitution in order to make ends meet. She soon learns that prostitution in Florida isn’t the safest career, and she needs some help defending herself. Luckily her new friend and lover, Selby Wall, will be with Aileen every step of the way.

Profession… prostitute. Aileen doesn’t want to be a prostitute but can’t think of any other way to turn around a legitimate paycheck. Aileen doesn’t seem too bothered by her profession until she is raped by a client, which changes her life and perspective forever. She’s not going to put up with people using her anymore.

Interests… defending herself, bars, and drinking.           

Relationship Status… single. Aileen takes many “lovers” because of her profession. But soon she falls truly in love with Selby, even after insisting that she’s not gay. The two of them form a unique bond, even while Aileen’s mental health begins to decline. 

Challenge… surviving on her own. Aileen has deep problems that make it difficult for her to cope with normal, everyday life. Aileen is homeless and incapable of assimilating in society because of her socio-economic status and mental health.

Personality… anti-social, religious, and confused. And as Aileen’s predicament becomes worse, her paranoia blossoms. Aileen can only hope that her friend Selby will be supportive and keep her sane enough to keep her footing straight and grounded.

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