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Aiden Teague

Blood and Chocolate

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Living… in suburban Maryland, with his mother and father. They're not the most open-minded parents, and they've only gotten worse since his aunt sent them a pamphlet called "Ten Signs Your Child Has Sold His Soul to the Devil."

Profession… high school student. Aiden might not run with the jocks or other popular cliques, but he's more than content with the Amoeba, his name for his group of friends.

Interests… poetry, magic, and the occult. Copies of A Witches' Bible and The Druid Tradition line Aiden's bookshelf, making his parents and aunt worry he's a Satanist-in-training. Aiden, however, thinks that's a ridiculous label to put on him "just because I'm interested in the unknown." After all, "how would anyone learn anything if they weren't curious? How would scientists make discoveries?"

Relationship Status… dating Vivian Gandillon, to his own surprise. Aiden describes her as "so beautiful and cool and sure of [her]self," and it's the truth– Vivian is beautiful, and he's amazed she'd even notice a guy like him. What's more, Vivian is one of the few people who doesn't dismiss him for his interests, but actually seems to share them.

Challenge… getting closer to Vivian, one of the few people who seems to actually understand him. However, Vivian has secrets of her own, and while Aiden may be accepting, she's still not ready to share them with him. With time, he hopes that she’ll open up. He just has to be patient— and when she finally does reveal them, he has to be able to accept it.

Personality… artistic, curious, and gentle. With his books of magic and willingness to look beyond accepted reality, Aiden is a decided nonconformist, and happy that way. He finds a kindred soul in Vivian, but while Aiden may declare that "we all have the right to be different," it's uncertain how ready he is for the truths about his new girlfriend.

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