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Grew up… in Coral Gables, Florida, with his wealthy Cuban-American family. Agustin grew up quite privileged. He likes a certain lifestyle.

Living… with his boyfriend, Frank. Agustin just moved across the bay from San Francisco to Oakland, a controversial decision among his friends. Here’s how he makes the case to them about San Fran: “This whole city is overrun with overrated cupcakes, kimchi tacos. Plus, I’m going to be able to get more work done in Oakland.”

Profession… artist – sort of. Agustin feels self-conscious referring to himself as an “artist,” because he hasn’t found the time to make anything in ages. For money, he works as an artist’s assistant, though he and his boss haven’t been getting along that well lately.

Relationship Status… in a long-term relationship with Frank. Alas, Frank has been feeling a bit insecure as of late. Agustin is rather relaxed when it comes to sexuality, while Frank prefers to remain monogamous. Agustin just wants to have fun, but Frank is worried about becoming one of “those” couples.

Challenge… finding himself. Agustin’s life isn’t turning out exactly how he hoped it would. He’s not finding satisfaction in his artistic practice, and he can feel his relationship with Frank disintegrating at lightning speed. At 31, he feels he needs a drastic change.

Personality… smart, angsty, and a bit conceited. Agustin has a lot of opinions, and he rarely hesitates to share them. His general dissatisfaction with life and sardonic attitude can sometimes make him hard to like, but his loyalty to his friends is unwavering.

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