Agent 47

Agent 47

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… as the product of a genetic experiment. Agent 47 was born in Ort-Meyer’s asylum as the most successful clone of his kind, engineered to become the perfect assassin. He was trained to be an expert in firearms, combat, disguises, and various other assassination techniques.

Living… wherever his next contract takes him. Agent 47 has traveled all over the world, completing various missions and taking out hundreds of targets.

Profession… assassin. Agent 47 has been trained from birth to do one thing – kill. A contract killer, he works for the International Contract Agency, known to him simply as, The Agency. Their operations and influence are worldwide, and Agent 47 reports to his handler, Diana Burnwood, who supplies him with information, clients, and targets. As the Agency’s deadliest assassin, Agent 47 is feared around the world.

Relationship Status… single. Agent 47 is nearly incapable of feeling or expressing love for anyone. His closest relationship for a long time in his life is his controller, Diana, but even that remains distant. For the most part, he dedicates himself to his work simply because he was genetically designed to do so.

Challenge… completing his contracts and escaping alive. Even the most skilled assassin in the world can’t hide in the shadows perfectly when your job is to eliminate high-profile targets like presidents and crime lords. And although he seems to have accepted his life as it is and rarely questions the morality of his killings, he does not particularly enjoy his work since it was never his choice to begin with.

Personality… cold, professional, and reserved. Agent 47 is emotionless and closed off to the suffering of those he kills. He prides himself on being perfect, poised, and ready to take on any challenge that could come his way. He keeps up an expressionless affect and a monotone voice, and makes sure to calculate and manipulate his way through any environment. If he does show any emotion such as love or regret, it is very rare. 


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