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About Her

Grew up… with only a locket as a token of her real parents. Raised by foster parents Lilith and Adam Clay, Agatha grew up a happy, if rather ordinary, young girl.

Living… in Beetlesburg, where she attends Transylvania Polygnostic University while helping Professor Beetle in her spare time. Although passionate enough about science, Agatha was considered a good-natured if incompetent student. Until, that is, her locket is stolen and Agatha awakens to her true nature as a Spark, or uncommonly gifted mad scientist.

Visiting... Castle Wulfenbach, the airship of current ruler Baron Wulfenbach. Though originally considered merely the civilian girlfriend of a newly awakened Spark, Agatha quickly proves herself as a Spark. And not just any Spark, but the last member of the Heterodynes, a line of Sparks known for being extremely powerful – and insane.

Profession… mad-scientist-in-training – or perhaps just plain mad scientist. Agatha's certainly got the skills to be a full-fledged Spark, and more than enough of the attitude.

Interests… books, science, and inventing. Even before awakening, Agatha loved tinkering with machines, and it's a trait that only intensifies after becoming a Spark. As she exclaims before an experiment: "We have so much to work with! So many different things – things that no one would dream of putting together! We cannot help but do something new! Something interesting!"

Relationship Status… single, but hopefully not for long. Upon arriving at Castle Wulfenbach, Agatha quickly attracts the attention of the Baron's son, an equally talented Spark named Gilgamesh Wulfenbach. But while Agatha returns his affection, being the Heterodyne heir means his father certainly wouldn’t approve.

Challenge… adapting to the duties of her heritage. As the last of the Heterodynes, Agatha is set to inherit Castle Heterodyne, her ancestral home. Unfortunately, the Castle is sentient – and insane. And the Baron considers Agatha a threat to the peace and is searching for her. And there are hints that Agatha's mother, Lucrezia Mongfish, may still be alive and more villainous than ever. And – well, as Agatha puts it, "it's a good thing one of us has a death ray."

Personality… intelligent, determined, and – like all good Sparks – decidedly dramatic. While the Heterodynes may have been known for their great insanity, so far, Agatha's proven herself to be less mad and more heroic than most. But that doesn't mean she's any less dangerous.

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