Agamemnon Busmalis
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Agamemnon Busmalis


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About Him

Grew up… watching the children’s show “Ms. Sally’s Schoolyard,” and never stopped. Even as an adult, Agamemnon still loves to watch the show. His immature tastes make him an easy target for ridicule among his fellow prisoners.

Living… in Oswald State Penitentiary, though he doesn’t plan on being there for much longer. Agamemnon is hatching a plan to bust out of Oz.

Profession… professional digger. Agamemnon’s criminal nickname is “The Mole” for his ability to dig, especially into bank vaults. As he tells fellow inmate Bob Redabow, “I dig. I can dig anywhere. I’m gonna dig my way out of Oz.”

Interests… planning his escape. Agamemnon can’t handle prison life. Surviving in Oz is a young man’s game, and the old-fashioned “Mole” isn’t fitting in well.

Relationship Status… none. Agamemnon confesses that he has never been with a woman. His childish persona seems to be more than just an act; his extreme immaturity may be something like a mental handicap. If only Ms. Sally were real. Maybe she could love him.

Challenge… minding his own business. Luckily, few people find it worth the trouble to bother Agamemnon, but he’s finding it difficult to keep his plan to escape from being public knowledge. That’s mostly due to his own inability to keep quiet. But the whole scheme may be in danger if other inmates find out about the tunnel he’s been digging.

Personality… child-like and innocent. It’s difficult to believe that Agamemnon ever had the drive and aptitude to commit complex robberies. Yet here he is, stuck at Oz – unless he can dig his way out.

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