Adriana La Cerva
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Adriana La Cerva

The Sopranos

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About Her

Grew up… surrounded by mobsters and murderers. Adriana has only ever seen the money that comes from the “wise guy” line of work. Although she grew up in that world, she’s never really seen how her cousins and her boyfriend make their living.

Living… with her boyfriend, the mid-level mobster Christopher (Chris) Moltisanti. Living with Chris can be excruciating for Adriana, especially when he buys her Jimmy Choo shoes in the wrong size. “Puh-lease!” is her typical reaction to Chris’s bad behavior.

Profession… host at Vesuvio’s restaurant. Someday she might like to run a business of her own, but she doesn’t want to have to work for financial reasons. That’s what having a boyfriend like Christopher is for.

Interests… glamour, music ,and socializing. Adriana loves expensive things: cars, jewelry, shoes, and clothes. 

Relationship Status… in a committed relationship with Chris. Adriana assumes that they’ll probably get married one day, though she knows that Chris doesn’t like to talk about that sort of thing. The deeper Chris gets into his life of crime and drugs, though, the more worried Adriana becomes. As she tells him, “Let’s be honest. What’s our future here Chris? You…you could end up in jail or something horrible could happen.”

Challenge… dealing with Chris’s temper. When things go badly for Chris at the “office,” Adriana is usually the one who ends up being his punching bag. Usually the abuse is verbal: “The last time we went to a funeral, my boyfriend cussed me out over what I wore to his boss’s mother’s wake.” But sometimes the attacks turn physical. Adriana also has to wonder where Chris’s ultimate loyalties lie; if it ever came down to it, would he pick Adriana over his crime “family,” or vice versa?

Personality… shallow and ambitious, yet loving. Adriana, despite her crass materialism, really does love her boyfriend. She wants to help Chris follow his dreams, and often sacrifices her own wants in order to please him. She also has a much better head for business than one might suspect at first glance.

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