Adrian Veidt / Ozymandias
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Adrian Veidt / Ozymandias


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About Him

Overview... former superhero under threat from a serial killer targeting masked vigilantes. Veidt revealed his secret identity ahead of government restrictions on heroes, and has made millions as the most brilliant man of his generation. No longer a member of the superhero team The Watchmen, he lives in an Antarctic fortress with his giant cat Bubastis, dreaming of an end to war.

Personality... intelligent, arrogant, and personable. Veidt is more than just a brain; he’s used his intelligence to reach peak physical form and martial arts mastery. Both were necessary when he was fighting crime. Though he’s no longer subduing criminals in the field, he may still need to stay sharp: former Watchman Rorschach has grown suspicious of his old teammate Ozymandias.

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