Adrian Pennino
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Adrian Pennino

Rocky Series

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Overview... a young woman who needs some serious TLC to reach her potential. Adrian hasn’t had an easy life so far; her mom always told her she wasn’t pretty and her overbearing brother Paulie orders her around the house they share. She can barely meet the eyes of her customers at the pet store where she works, just like a stray that’s been beaten down too often. But it’s at the pet store that she meets another underdog, local boxer Rocky Balboa, who sees in her something she doesn’t yet see in herself. He thinks she’s smart, beautiful, and strong, and maybe his belief is strong enough that she’ll start to think so, too. 

Personality... shy, meek, and mousy, but ready to blossom. Rocky might have an unexpected shot to fight heavyweight champ Apollo Creed, but Adrian has a fight of her own – to gain self-esteem. Adrian and Rocky definitely seem to be stronger together than apart, the sign of any good couple. Hopefully he can help her come out of her thick shell, because she’s a caring, kind person with a lot to offer.

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