Adrian Mallory

Adrian Mallory

Space Force

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About Him

Living... in Wild Horse, Colorado, with the newly launched branch of the military: Space Force.

Profession... head scientist at Space Force. He leads a team of scientists including his number two, Dr. Chan Kaifang. Mallory handles everything and anything that this branch aims to accomplish. A big part of his job is describing in detail all of the operations to General Mark Naird, with the hopes that General Naird will someday understand them. 

Interests… fashion. Dr. Mallory is always impeccably dressed—usually in tweed.

Relationship status... single. Married to his work, Mallory spends all his time with his science team.

Challenge... figuring out ways to make Space Force operations a success. But he fundamentally disagrees with the militaristic plans that the President and General Naird are planning to carry out. He is constantly butting heads with them.

Personality... intelligent, sarcastic, and witty. Dr. Mallory is determined to advance the more altruistic aspects of Space Force’s mission. And if anyone gets in his way, he has plenty of witty and snarky comments he’ll fight back with. 

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