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Living… with cancer. Adam has just been diagnosed with a rare kind of cancer in his spine called schwannoma neurofibrosarcoma, and is now staring death in the face at age 27. He’s having trouble processing the information, telling his doctor, “Hey, that….that…that doesn’t make any sense, so. I mean, I… I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I… you know, I recycle!” 

Visiting… a therapist to help him cope with the stress. Adam doesn’t feel comfortable talking about his situation with anyone, much less a therapist who is three years younger than him.

Profession… public radio journalist. Adam sees himself as a good, conscientious guy, which adds to his confusion about his sudden twist in fate.

Relationship Status… dating an artist named Rachael. Adam, who needs any kind of support he can get, is not finding it in Rachael. Due to her distaste for hospitals, she never visits him during his chemo. He’s increasingly having to lean on his best friend Kyle, who, while loyal, can be a little insensitive.

Challenge… surviving and facing his own mortality. Adam looked it up on the internet and discovered that his odds of survival are about 50/50. While he hesitates to admit it, he’s extremely scared. The risk of dying would be enough, but Adam is discovering that his condition is affecting his relationships, and he’s learning to deal with the difficult reality of fair-weather-friends.

Personality… sweet, kind, and nervous. It’s understandable that Adam is having a bit of a personal crisis. His desperate situation and his uncertainty about his life have helped him realize who his true friends are. He’s trying to maintain his sunny disposition, but as the reality of the situation continues to set in, he finds himself feeling more and more depressed and hopeless.

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